Internship in Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Once you have enrolled at UNIBZ, you will have access to your student account a.k.a Cockpit and you can find details about how to have your internship recognized in UNIBZ.

Career Service of UNIBZ supports you with the internship recognition process:

And here are the steps:

  1. Research the company or the institution where you want to undertake your internship and make sure that the activities to be carried out are consistent with the content of your study programme.
  2. Discuss your internship programme with your company tutor.
  3. You need to find an academic tutor in your faculty to have your study programme approved by them (see regulations). Your academic tutor may ask you to put in writing or explain in an interview the reasons why you chose that type of internship. The Faculty of Economics always requires students to put their motivation in writing and hand it to academic tutors.
  4. Please specify, in your internship agreement, what your role will be in the company where you choose to take your internship. You will also have to specify if you regularly use company-owned means of transport and if you travel abroad during the internship. Travelling in Italy and abroad are usually covered by the insurance, and it is important that these travels are mutually agreed upon in writing with the hosting company.
  5. At the end of your internship, the company tutor will write a report about the work you carried out at the company and the academic tutor will also write a report using the Dublin descriptors.

Documents you need to read :

Document to be handed in in two original copies at least two weeks before the start of the internship

Documents to be handed in in original copies within six weeks from the end of your internship

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