? Why do I need to upload a proof of place of my residence?

This document aims mainly at categorizing an applicant as PaC or PrC student (read more at: PaC or PrC ?) in case s/he was/has been working, training or studying in a different country (a Programme Country) rather than her/his own country of origin in the past 05 years. Also, this information will affect the amount of an erasmus mundus scholarship that applicant (if to be awarded) will receive. (read more at: erasmus mundus scholarships amount).

Even if this is not your case, you still need to provide a document that says where you are living/working/studying at the moment.

? What type of document should I upload on proof of place of residence?

It should be any legitimate document (translated in English) that shows your residence address, for example:

  • In case you are a student enrolled in public or private university, you may provide a photo student ID and acceptable documentation from the Dean or Bursar Office that you live on campus or in a private flat; or
  • Current driver license/ID that shows your residence address; or
  • Current employer verification of residence address or letter from employer as long as it is on company letterhead with original signature (in which your residence address is shown); or
  • Current utility bill including landline telephone, electric, water, gas, cable, etc.(in which your residence address is shown).

? My university does not use GPA/CGPA grading system. How do I convert my grades?

Please choose “Other” and make sure you insert the absolutely accurate numbers in Scale Max. (highest grade possible in your university’s grading system), Mark to Pass, Scale Min. (the lowest grade possible in your university’s grading system), and CGPA (your final result obtained when you graduated). These numbers must be described in either your transcript/syllabus/degree certificate.

? What type of information should a syllabus contain?

The syllabus provides the list of all subjects you have studied in your bachelor degree and, importantly, detail of each subject’s content (subject/course description). In some cases, it can be your transcript but apart from providing info about your grades, it must include details about what each subject was about.

E.g: https://next.unibz.it/en/faculties/computer-science/master-computer-science/course-offering/

? What information should I give in References?

The References is a section that every applicant has to fill out on our Online submission tool. You must provide contact details of maximum three people and please specify that the person has had the opportunity of working with/teaching/tutoring/training..etc you and for how long. We may contact them to have more details about you, so please make sure that your references are aware of and agree to be contacted and asked about you.

Your references can be the same people/person who wrote you the Recommendation letter(s).

? I have both bachelor and master degree related to the field (Software engineering/Computer science/Computer engineering), can I upload both?

The bachelor degree absolutely yes, the master’s is up to you. If you want to, you can merge both degrees’ certificates in one pdf file, same rule applied to transcripts.

? I have a master degree that is related to the field (Software engineering/Computer science/Computer engineering), but my bachelor is not, can I use my master degree to apply?

Yes you can. BUT you still have to fill out all sections using your bachelor degree’s information (name of university, name of degree, cgpa/final result).

Then for University Diploma, you can merge both degrees’ certificates in one pdf file (in the order of bachelor then master), same rule applied to transcript and syllabus.

? I do not have a degree related to the field but I have taken online/non-university courses in software engineering/computer science/computer engineering. Can I use them to apply?

Unfortunately we do not accept any degree that is not from an accredited faculty and/or by an internationally recognized university-level institution.

? Can I send my application by email/post?

No. All applications must be submitted through our online Application portal tools. Applications submitted via any other means will not be processed.

? For english proficiency requirement, is it sufficient that my bachelor was completely taught in english?

Only if you can upload a declaration from your university, and it must state that English is the official language of the respective program of degree at level B2.2 or equivalent

? I will graduate soon but for the moment I don’t have the bachelor degree certificate yet. What do I upload on the University Diploma on the Submission tool?

On the application portal, where you are requested to upload the University diploma, you should provide a letter or a declaration by your university, confirming that you will certainly graduate, receive and send us your Bachelor degree certificate by July 31st 2018.

? What are the restrictions if I am an EMSE scholarship holders?

  • You cannot be a former Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder
  • You can receive any other financial support as long as it is not funded by the Erasmus Programme (government scholarships, internship salary,…etc)

? If I close my application but then realize that I want to change/add some detail, how can I have it re-opened?

As long as the deadline is not over yet,

  • Write a request of application re-open to emse-secretariat@unibz.it
  • With your full name, application ID

? Can I hand my DoV (Declaration of equivalent Value – Dichiarazione di valore) in after the enrollment period ends ?

Yes you can. However, your enrollment will be “with reservation”.

What is a DoV ? Why and where do you need it? Click here

Tips for successful Erasmus Mundus application

?How can apply for a visa in Australia in case of internship?

Experience from a student in 2017: The visa he applied for is called Training Visa 407. The visa cost is 280 AUD and if all paper are submitted correctly the processing time takes around 3 months. An applicant needs a company to send a Notification of Approval as a Temporary Activities Sponsor that contains Application ID and  Sponsorship TRN which are the key numbers for starting the visa application process. A company has to provide the Notification of Approval while a student has to apply on his/her own.

Documents I needed:
1) CV
2) Evidence of your qualification (Diplomas)
3) Copy of invitation to participate from the Commonwealth Agency
4) Insurance (Erasmus insurance was enough)
5) Evidence of financial support (EMSE Agreement was enough)
6) Passport
7) English proficiency certificate
8) 280 AUD
*Some other nationalities (non-EU) might need more documents