student jobs

Need money to pay for your tuition fee and living cost and to have cultural experience in each country and go travelling? Students’ Jobs in each university are open also to EMSE students (non-granted and granted students).

in UNIBZ, Italy (full description available on Cockpit)

Students are allowed to work part-time on administrative tasks either at unibz or on projects arranged by unibz. This type of contract cannot exceed 120 hours each year and offers €10 per hour. Before the end of October, the university will publish 120-hour-jobs that are available on Cockpit and students can apply. You will be ranked based on merit criteria, hence, may be/may not be  assigned a job, depending also on the availability of jobs.

in OY, Finland

Working during your study/academic year is restricted in Finland for non-EU students, not more than 25 hours per week or it has to be the obligatory internship of EMSE programme. But outside the academic year (for e.g in summer, Christmas holidays…), the number of working hours per week is no longer restricted. No restrictions for EU students in any case but make sure it does not interfere with your study. More info

in UNIKL, Germany

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in UPM, Spain (only for non-granted students)

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