Consortium coordinator: Prof. Barbara Russo, UNIBZ

Project manager: Mrs. Elena Gabardi, UNIBZ

Local coordinators:

UNIBZ: Prof. Barbara Russo
UPM: Prof. Xavier Ferre’
UKL: Mr. Christian Wolschke
OY: Dr. Ovais Muhammad Ahmad

EMSE contacts:

general contact:
UKL contact:
UPM contact:
OY contact:

Joint Board

UNIBZ: Prof. Barbara Russo & Mrs. Elena Gabardi
UKL: Prof. Dieter Rombach & Mr. Christian Wolschke
OY: Prof. Markku Oivo & Dr. Ovais Muhammad Ahmad
UPM: Prof. Natalia Jutisto & Prof. Xavier Ferre’
Roberto Rubio, Students’ representative

Task Force

Joint Board and representatives of industrial associated partners and research institutions

Alumni association and media channels

Tasks and roles

Task Performed by Reviewed/approved by
Student admission/selection UNIBZ and Joint Board Joint Board
Student assistance (record, visa, housing, etc.) Each individual full partner Each individual full partner
Course promotion/marketing Joint Board and Task Force
Internship Programme Each individual full partner and their associated partners
Scholarship management and payment UNIBZ
Students’ performance monitoring Joint Board Task Force
Quality assessment Joint Board, Task Force, Students & Alumni Joint Board
Administrative / financail maangement UNIBZ Joint Board
Reporting UNIBZ Joint Board, Task Force, Students & Alumni
Fund raising and market analysis Task Force Joint Board
Summer School Joint Board Task Force
Degree issuance Full partners Full partners
Diploma Supplement issuance UNIBZ Joint Board
Scholar invitation and management Joint Board, UNIBZ (management) Joint Board