Internship in University of Oulu, Finland

University of Oulu assist EMSE students in arranging internships in the partner companies and research centres (i.e. Nokia, Bittium, F-secure, VTT ). The students are required to send their CV’s to EMSE coordinator at least five months before joining University of Oulu. The EMSE coordinator will forward the CVs to the contact person in partner companies and research centres. The coordinator will guide students to the companies that are willing to accept them for internship. The companies will contact interested candidate and arrange interview. Alternatively, there is an option of carrying out the internship in a research unit. M3S is the largest software engineering research unit in Finland ( The group carries out research at high international level and publishes widely in the top software engineering journals and conferences. Students interested in this option should contact the coordinator and express his/her interest. Furthermore, students are encouraged to search and find their own internship placements in ICT companies and research centres. When a student searches and secures an internship placement, it should be communicated and approved by the University of Oulu and EMSE board.  The general information about internships and internship offers can be found at University’s web pages at


In academic year 2017/2018, there will be four EMSE students attending their second year of EMSE in the University of Oulu. Let’s find out who they are !