Internship in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Students will need to sign up in the UPM system for internship placement Coie UPM   Our External Relations Office (OREX) will help them asking for the necessary information to be filled in the platform. Once they are into the system they have free access to all the internship offers, OREX will guide them to the companies that are willing to accept students who cannot speak Spanish.

Students should contact the companies they are interested in so they can arrange an interview when they are already in Madrid. There is also the option of carrying out the internship in a research group; students interested in this option should contact Xavier Ferre ( Students can alternatively propose a company that has currently no agreement with UPM, then OREX will help the company to sign such agreement to allow the student participation. But the internship needs to start after the students are enrolled (second fortnight of July) for it to have academic recognition. The total academically recognized internship for the Software Project course needs to be 420 hours of work in a recommended dedication of 25h per week.

Once the students have found a company for the internship they need to communicate the OREX and Xavier Ferre ( After checking that the internship content matches EMSE focus (related to software engineering / software development), the agreement between UPM and the company and the student can be signed.


In academic year 2017/2018, there will be three EMSE students attending their second year of EMSE in UPM

Let’s find out who they are !