exams and thesis


EMSE students can find information about exams, examination regulations, minimal results required to pass, re-sit possibilities,…etc in each university:

  • Free University of Bozen-Bolzano: here
  • University of Oulu: all information will be provided in Student’s accountm, WebOodi and in here
  • Technische Universität Kaiserslautern: here
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid: here and also here


Below you will find the special requirements that have to be fulfilled for the successful implementation and examination of a Master Thesis within the EMSE programme. Note that these outline the rules that have to be followed in addition to the rules for carrying out a thesis project at your 2nd Year University (2YU). In order for your thesis to be approved it must first and foremost be accepted at the 2YU; the rules below outline what you additionally must do since you are on a Master program shared between multiple universities.

Students have a limited time to write and submit their thesis or they may have to pay the tuition fee again. All 4 EMSE universities have strong restrictions on the thesis timing. If a student does not finish the thesis within the second academic year, s/he will need to enroll and (probably) pay the tuition fee of the 2YU for the third (fourth etc.) academic year according to the local regulation.  The student might also experience problems with the VISA since the grant will have expired already.

The master thesis is a theoretical or theoretical/practical assignment, involving a detailed study of a specific topic. Through their master thesis, students are expected to demonstrate an ability to understand, analyze and synthesize advanced knowledge, beyond what they have demonstrated during the courses. Ideally, the student should be able to innovate proposing and developing new products or processes as part of their thesis.

The 2YU will assign you a supervisor (S) who will give you guidance and advice with your Master thesis.


How to get a co-supervisor (CS) from your 1st Year University (1YU):

  • The assignment of a CS is carried out through your 2YU’s contact points (CP)
  • Do not ask directly any professor in your 1YU to be your CS yourself.
  • You must contact the 2YU CP asking for a CS by sending her/him an e-mail with your S in CC.
  • The 2YU CP will contact the 1YU CP and the 1YU CP will assign a CS for you.
  • You will be informed by the 2YU CP who your CS is.


Regarding the relation with the CS:

1.- The students must send the CS a thesis proposal as soon as they are able to write a thesis proposal, the sooner the better.

2.- It is a student’s responsibility to keep the CS updated on how the thesis is progressing. An e-mail every month or couple of months is enough. The CS will, if appropriate, give comments on thesis improvement.


Thesis defense:

1.- The S is the person who decides if the thesis is ready for the defense.

2.- The thesis defense will be performed in the 2YU.

3.- The thesis needs to be accepted by the 1YU. To get that approval:

  • The student must send the thesis via e-mail to the CS with your S, 1YU CP, 2YU CP in the email’s CC.
  • The 2YU will give a go or not go for the defense.
  • The thesis cannot be defended until the CS gives his/her ok for proceeding with the defense

4.- Before the defense, both supervisors (S & CS) will reach an agreement on the grade of your thesis, meaning the CS has a word on the grade too. The grade proposed by the two supervisors is a recommendation; the final grade is decided during the defense.

5.- The student must follow the 2YU regulations for proceeding with the defense.

6.- It is appropriate that the student (with the S in the email’s CC) invites the CS to be virtually present during the defense, just in case s/he would like to.

7.- The student needs to send a .pdf  final version of the thesis to: S, CS, 1YU CP, 2YU CP.


Regarding diploma issuing:

1.- Notice that the thesis defense does not imply the issuing of the diploma. The student should follow the local regulations of 1YU and 2SU for requesting the two diplomas.

2.- Every university has its local contact points to start diploma issuing