how to apply

  1. Understand the mobility, admission/selection criteria, which type of applicant you are, how you will be evaluated, tuition fee, scholarships by reading the current Call
  2. Apply online at ONLINE SUBMISSION TOOL
  3. Specify your mobility track (learning path). Applicant selected for one type of track cannot later change it. Applicants cannot apply for more than one type of grant or mobility track.
  4. Prepare the following documents in electronic form. Additional documents may be requested. Unreadable or incomplete documents or late submissions will not be considered (highly advised not to use CamScanner due to its low quality).
    –    A copy/photocopy of English proficiency certificate.
    –    Curriculum Vitae (European format, e.g Europass)
    –    Proof of nationality (copy of passport). Only pages with a photo and personal data.
    –    Proof of place of residence (e.g., residence certificate, or a certificate from your place of work, study or training)
    –    Certified (translated in English) copy of university diploma
    –    Certified (translated in English) copy of transcript of study results (subjects taken during their degrees, along with the marks obtained and the number of hours/credits devoted to each subject)
    – Recommendation letter(s) and references
  5. The interview: only applicants who are potential for a scholarship will be interviewed as described in the call.
  6. The result will be sent via email and published on our website.
  7. Confirm your participation in EMSE by paying the first installment and sending the receipt via email to


Please contact the relevant institution for more information on courses and application procedures.

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